Wednesday, December 21, 2011


We love latkes in our house and today we had guests to help us eat them for a hour or so. I did not put onion in my latkes tonight but it was simply two large grated potatoes and part of a sweet potato. Some salt and pepper and three eggs with some corn meal flour.

The end results are pictured below.

We ate and then it was time to give out some channukka gelt and light the candles. The second candle tonight and I am early to bed or early as possible to read and prepare to rise early for the last day of the school year in 2011. Hopefully to be working again in 2012 soon.
They are really yummy with sweet potato and you can have them milky with some sour cream or Quarg cheese. I am talking about the latkes, not the chocolate coins. Tomorrow I make latkes for my colleagues at GEC.

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