Sunday, December 25, 2011

Interesting quotes from a very interesting lecture today


I am actually enjoying this series of lectures very much this year. I will check out the Chassidus shiur tomorrow. One element of lectures I always like to have is some proverbs or quotes that carry immense wisdom in a few short words or one short sentence. I have three to share with you today. Actually two as one is a story.

Polish proverb.
Capitalism is when men exploit and take from other men. Socialism is the reverse.
Winston Churchill is the original source for this one.
Capitalism is when there is an unequal distribution of blessings. Communism is when there is an unequal distribution of misery.

Story is simply this
A young man left college and went to look for a job. He applied in many places and came to the restaurant and asked the owner for a job. 'Sure,' the owner said,'We'll give you a job.' So he gives him an apron and hands him a broom. 'For a start, you can sweep out the restaurant.' The college graduate looks aghast at the broom that had been thrust into his hands. 'But, but,' he said,'I am a college graduate.'
'Oh, ok,' said the restaurant boss,' No problem. I'll show you how to use it.'

Thank you Rabbi Shishler.Great lecture yet again.
He also spoke about the fact that every one is demanding rights and forgeting about the responsibility part of it. I have been saying that for years. Respect for others and responsibility comes before rights. You earn rights through hard work, or you do in the ideal world. In my job, in NSW I found that it did not matter how hard I worked, I was not going to get respect or rights from my principal simply because I was a single older woman with a child and I was Jewish.

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