Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Another child dies from cybernet bullying NEED to bring back appropriate VALUES into education

We need to understand that technology has outstripped emotional intelligence and that children need to be equipped with deal with things such as cyber bullying. Having been a victim of people who have published untruths and frankly disturbing things on the net about me, as an adult I found it hurtful enough. Goodness knows how we can expect vulnerable teens to deal with it. Teenagers and even younger kids are very much growing and developing their self image and they need positive self appraisal from their peers and their teachers and their parents to fight the negativity of comments made in 'fun' or malice on a public website like facebook. This is something we need to deal with in schools and at home and the general public perception MUST be that negative hurtful comments are NOT SMART, they are DANGEROUS.
Sympathies to the family of this poor child and also the bullies should take care. One day you may be the victim and your own medicine will be dealt to you. Kindness and compassion is much more worthwhile to nurture in yourself. What does bullying get you? A few momentary cheap thills at the expense of some other person and that may end up destroying a person's life. Bullying does not have to be violent and brutal screaming or shouting or even smacking someone. It can be the acid of negative comments dropped on someone day after day, eroding that person's self respect and positive self image. We humans are social animals and we need the approval and support of others. Whether we are the cleaner or the head honcho of an organisation we need to know we are doing ok in life.
Catherine RIP we should try to ensure that others do not follow you in your path of despair and ensure that kids are supportive of one another and not ripping each other down.

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