Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The illogical decisions of some of those with the power to be

1.       In Israel last month, Magen David Adom (the Israel equivalent  of the Red Cross and is an ambulance service) signed an agreement with the Red Cross which is an international organisation that goes to many places in the world to give aid and medical services to the sick and injured. This agreement is to get the Magen David Adom service not to go behind the so – called Green Line in Israel.  Two things are shocking about this, more shocking than the whole political manipulation and the absolute malice that is behind this agreement is unbelievable.

a)      This service is meant to be about saving lives, healing the sick and injured and INDEED transporting them to a hospital, NOT POLITICS. There are some things beyond politics and that is saving lives, Pekua Nefesh.  The Red Cross is nowadays about politics. I guess that is how come they can allow their ambulances to be a cover for some terrorist organisations and how have the Magen David Adom gotten themselves mixed up with this corruption is beyond me.

b)      Magen David Adom also serves the Arab communities in the villages that are in the Israeli territories – so if an Arab woman is giving birth and in trouble or there has been an accident, they are not supposed to go as much as to Kirayat Araba or any of the Jewish villages and towns?

The whole exercise is purely to delegitimize the state of Israel and they are using the Shomron and other areas as a test case because if they can get the Israeli government to undermine its own existence, hey, who needs enemies (?)  when you can have a ‘friend’ like this who will willing encourage you to perform a slow torturous form of suicide on yourself, cutting off limb after limb and finally getting you to rip your heart out to demonstrate how noble and good you are. Suicide is not an option for a Jewish person and we need to trust in G-D and have some common sense. Tell them to go to hell and fight back. The whole thing is totally illogical and off the scale for silliness.

2.       There are huge floods in Queensland. The South Western Queensland town of St George is swimming under nearly fourteen metres of water, but hey, get this piece of Australian idiocy. Last year the administration and town council lobbied for funds from the federal and state governments to build a levy bank because they have had floods for several years running. The commonsense thing to do was to build a levy bank to minimise the flooding and protect houses in the town and business from the flood waters. After all the grand staging and Anna Bligh’s ‘emotional speeches’ and of course, Julia Gillard’s trotting around and little crocodile tears at the corner of her beady eyes, you would think that they would dig into the coffers and give the town a million or so to build a good levy bank to protect it and save the residents some yearly distress.

No way, HOSEA. They were refused. Why? WHY?? This is a disgrace and now these people are displaced from their homes and businesses and their kids are out of school because we have a stupid government run by even more stupid representatives. I bet Barneby Joyce is fuming at the idiocy of these governments. You would want to put Julia and Anna in stocks (for at least a week) and let the residents pour some raw sewerage water over their heads. It would be fitting justice.  Where has commonsense gone lately? All the time your plans, if you have commonsense, are derailed by the politicians or those who are self seeking and when they can do something so totally illogical and stupid, like an instant blanket ban on live Beef exports, on my G-D do they hurry!! It is almost like a competition to be the most stupid government that we have ever had.

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