Thursday, February 16, 2012

Defamation and Slander - What is the difference and thoughts on Same Sex Marriage yet again.

There is very little real difference between slander and defamation on some counts. Those who would use either methods against a rival or another person seek to damage or injure the person and their reputation or social standing by the misrepresentation of facts or events.
When you speak truth or honestly about a topic, be it same sex marriage or the conflict in the Middle East or even about raising children with the right attitudes, there will be those who speak against you with a vehemence that is unparalleled. They have something to protect with their very lives because they live in a deluded universe where lies hold prominent place in their perspectives on all things. They seek to impose this on others and will do so with the anger of a spoilt and wilful child.

I remember arguing as a child with my mother re Hitler (may he and all his ilk be erased from the earth). I was seven years old and I had been reading holocaust literature. My mother would state to me, 'Nonsense, you are a silly little girl who does not know anything. These Jews were naughty, naughty people. Hitler did many good things. We went to youth camps and they gave us picnics and good food, we sang songs and we had a lovely time. Hitler gave us back our self-respect.'
And I remember saying to her,'Mummy it is wrong to kill people. So many people and what about the Jewish children? Didn't they want camps and picnics too? It was horrible what the Nazis(may they be erased forever)  did. They were bad, not the Jews. The Jews - many of them did nothing wrong at all.' She insisted that I was a stupid, stupid child and could not know anything. That was when I understood that adults can live in a universe that is quite twisted and truth is not always visible.
The sad part is that many Jews in the beginnning supported Hitler until they realised that it was not going to save them, by pretending not to be Jewish or distancing themselves from their Jewish heritage. You cannot down play the role of Hitler any more than you can downplay the role of the same sex marriage supporters. One sought to destroy Jews and Jewish life, the other seeks to destroy something that is at the basis of civilisation and also the basis of family life - real family life.
Rabbi Dr Shimon Cowen is a learned and well educated man. There will be many who despise his views because they are based on intrinsic truths about being and unfortunately there are many intelligent people who are being played around with and emotionally black mailed by the gay lobby groups.
Oh yes, there are famous actresses and people in the entertainment world who are gay and of course they will support same sex marriage in the majority. Oh yes, they have followings and flocks and flocks of little sheep who will baa on command when the wolf tells them to do so, but the fact remains, while these people are intelligent and often very lovely people, they are misguided and while it is inappropriate to name such here, one should be careful to support youngsters who believe they are gay but not become emotionally involved in their fantasies. It is dangerous for them and for yourselves. It is often a stage that many young people go through as a part of growing up and often these people are ashamed of their deviant feelings later on as they mature. Very few people are gay, really gay, definitely not one in ten as some actress so foolishly quoted and she can be gay, gay, gay, gay or bent, bent and more bent all she wants, but it does not change facts. Most of us are straight, straight, straight, straight and straighter than an arrow.
Why do they want marriage? Life is a often a struggle between the yetzer ra and the yetzer tov. Most of us want to to do good things. Usually. However the yetzer ra gets us at our weakest points and where we most want to be strong. We all have our weaknesses. Mine is things like chocolate, a temper and being impatient at times with others, among other things. To allow same sex marriage is like rewarding people for giving in to their worst impulses and their most depraved appetites of a sexual nature. It is just pathetic. Then after same sex marriage, we can bring back child brides can we? It is really about a Sodom and Gomorroh mentality. If the bed does not fit the person we make the person fit the bed. Most of us are straight and some individuals have yetzer ra in some areas of sexuality that needs controlling and the energy channelled into positive things. It is very important for a person to have a husband or wife - if they can  find another person that they can tolerate and get on with in their lives and live in relative peace and harmony it is a good thing. You have children and that is a great thing and makes marriage most worthwhile. It develops the character if both people fully understand what marriage is all about and what needs to be achieved. Selfish people find marriage very hard because you have to share trials and tribulations as well as joys. Sometimes people want to give all the trials to their spouse and just keep the joys to themselves and have complete freedom to do as they please.
The program for 'same sex marriage' is based on selfishness and not love for another person. It is based on giving in to selfish and hedonistic desires that have nothing to do with love, caring and sharing, personal growth and maturity of a spiritual and emotional nature. There I have probably upset many people and while I am sorry in some respects, I am not sorry. I stand by my words and hopefully this nonsense about same sex marriage will pass. Surely the government and parliament have better and more important things to debate like the running of this country and proper resourcing of education and health services and more. At present they are being hijacked by a vocal and selfish minority whose agenda is suspect. Very suspect.

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