Monday, February 13, 2012

An excellent article by Rabbi Shimon Cowen


An excellent article and I draw your attention to the following text from the article with a foot note of my own. I have posted the link here along with this extract but the whole article is well worth reading. He makes the point very well and in far greater depth than I could manage at the moment as he has obviously researched the topic in some depth and has a wealth of knowledge and learning to draw on.
This is a quote which I have added my own footnote.

"However, the homosexual anti-bullying program, having violated this methodological principle, goes on to create circumstances of actual harm. By calling on children to identify themselves sexually at young age (to lock themselves into a sexual identity in early or pre-adolescence), they seize upon an as yet fluid and unformed sexual identity. There are cases where peer groups have labelled a child as homosexual, and the child has taken on the identity, only later to cast it off later amidst much suffering and much bad experience, when the child finally socializes into a normative heterosexual role. However, here it is not peers but social workers and academics who are working to freeze a child into a sexual identity – an explicitly homosexual identity at a young age. The New York Times, with its program of adolescents “coming out”, publicizes the manifestos of young children about their supposed homosexuality. The active acculturation of children – in an extremely fluid stage of their personal identity – into homosexuality is a profoundly disreputable professional practice."

I went to a single sex boarding school and it was quite common for younger girls in years 7,8 and sometimes more immature year 9's to have crushes on senior students. That was par for course, and they grew out of such crushes which usually lasted a year or two at the very most. These girls were not gay, they were simply hero worshipping an older more mature girl who they looked on as a model for the women they would become one day. It is all a part of normal adolescent behaviour and a stage in normal human development. When this normal emotional development is arrested for some reason, then you can have confusion and a gender identity crisis.
Lovely piece of writing from Rabbi Cowen as it is so clearly set out and logical.

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