Monday, February 20, 2012

Bits and Pieces from around the traps

Bad news first.
So some gutless atheist has thrown his kid off the story bridge and himself as well. I read this with growing anger. A little baby boy for crying out aloud, your own kid - your flesh and blood, you throw him off a bridge. To be brutally honest, I could not see myself throwing any child off a bridge, no matter how annoying they were. They are kids and you are the adult. A normal adult is fiercely protective of a child.
This self centred egotistical piece of crap mascarading as a father taught at one of Brisbane top boys' school (how do I know because I had two brothers ( I think we had the same mother and father a half a century ago) who were sent to that 'exclusive' boys's school.
Don't ask me to feel all warm and fuzzy sad about a person who commits such a sick act of murder on a hapless toddler and then kills himself. What was this moron thinking? He had a child living with him and obviously did not appreciate his child to the degree that he should have. Anyway the police better turn up some good reason for this loser to do what he did. He has only my contempt and absolute abhorance. I cannot feel any level of sadness except for the baby who had his life so mercilessly cut short. I feel anger and sick to think that a man could do this to his own child. He must have been insane to even think about doing it to any child. When you are a parent, you cannot afford to be a loser. You fight and you fight to the end, the bitter end for your child and you to survive.

Now this Mikeybear, he's a real sad case. He gets overly obsessive about people he believes are 'anti-gay' or against him and the rest of the Gay Lesbian Lobbyists. Rabbi Shimon Cowen is still in the sights of this morally deficient, ill educated, emotionally retarded, deluded wannabe Oscar Wilde of the 21st century. Troubled and all as he was, Oscar Wilde I am refering to, not MB, Oscar was a funny guy with a real sharp eye for detail and social mannerisms and furthermore he could write.

Mikeybear can only rant, rant, rant and rave, rant and rave and frothe at the mouth. It is almost as if he has swallowed a five litre tub of green dishwashing liquid. It would probably take more than that to clean him up.
 Honestly, I have to say, the fact that this guy sets himself up as a self styled saviour of 'gay youth' concerns me no end. People like him are really dangerous around vulnerable youth and people like him are those who confuse already confused young people even further. He appears extremely manipulative and quite honestly I would not want him talking to young people about 'gay' issues. We are making too much of this anyway. People need to be left alone to get along with their lives. Do we really need people like him steering already vulnerable kids into directions that they would not have otherwise taken. I have decided to do one of the AEU workshops in this issue because I want to investigate just what angle these people are taking in talking to vulnerable kids. There is a whole lot of workshops on it through the AEU this year.Kids do not need to be told that they are gay or not gay. Most kids do work it out themselves, believe it or not. Most of us have to remember we are not psychologists and I have found myself not agreeing entirely with them either. It is all so subjective and we have thrown out clear thinking skills to our loss.

Presenting a gay lifestyle as the attractive and avant garde of the 21 st century is not what we should be allowing. Yes there are gay people and they are a fact of life but we are not into creating a wider gay community for whatever reasons. Gay people exist and we treat them like other human beings, respectfully one would hope. However, what happens when those individuals, some of them, treat others with complete disrespect and slander them? These people should be treated like any other person who breaks the law.
Mikeybear has become an embarrassment unto himself and those around him.
Who will be next in the sights of this pro gay rights crusader on his tired white neddy nag carrying his broken sword, wearing tattered leggings and with an untidy sprogget of hair sticking out from under his mishapen helmet, his battered and dented shield banging against his leg as he sits astride a worn saddle with horse hair poking out from the seat and broken stirrups? He faces off with a dragon that can singe his breathe with a whisper of sound and who will incinerate him with a half supressed yawn.
Only fools do not know when they are beaten and when to give up. Mikeybear, you are a fool and a dangerous irrational one at that. Take a chill pill and for goodness sake get some counselling. Please do not attempt to counsel others about that which you know nought. Leave it to the able professionals.

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