Saturday, February 25, 2012

A busy Sunday


Son and friend taken to the pool for a dip as it is the third day in a row that temperatures have been about 35 C. They had a great time. Two little boys 'just wanna have fun'. Got them out after an hour and a half.  There is one thing about being in a pool, you feel so much cooler after you get out. It cools the whole body down.
Now both boys are are chilling out together at the friend's place and I have some time to myself which is well needed. Both this kid and Nir get on so well as they should and they are both around the same age. It makes me so glad that he has a friend to visit around his age and it will be good for both kids. I hope some of this kid's maturity rubs off on Nir. His English is good and he is a smart little boy. He has a couple of conversations with me at the pool and I found him very mature in the way he talked about the length of the pool and the depth and how he had to be careful how to dive and at what depth and how some one dived from a 30 metres up into 12 cm of water etc etc. His measurements might have been a bit off but he was a good conversationalist. I did not want to imagine what might have happened to someone who dived from 30 metres up into 12 cm of water. Both boys had a great time and hopefully are still having a good time and letting his mother focus on her work.
A friend's neighbour's husband passed away yesterday and it is very sad. This intense heat is hard on older people and he was a holocaust survivor. I feel very saddened. I was going to go to the leveya but do not want to leave Nir with someone but will go to be 'menachem ovel' during the shiva.

The country's leaders are tearing themselves apart. So what else is new? That was a long time in the offing. When Julia Gillard replaced or deposed Rudd, any fool with half a brain could see what was going to happen there. He was out for revenge right from the word go. A very ambitious and nasty man is our Kevin 07. The worst mistake she made as a leader was to allow him into any position in cabinet or any portfolio what so ever. If she had relegated him to the back benches for evermore he might have written a spiteful book like Mark Latham and looked an idiot after it was seen for what it was and resigned and lived on his parliamentary pension. People like Rudd needed to be completely crushed out of political life or they come back at you like a snake with many heads. You don't give them a chance to cause more mayhem. The ego clashes in the government are astounding. These people were elected to do a job, not rip the country apart.
I for one thnk we need more selfless people in public office. Malcolm Turnbull will be our next Prime Minister perhaps. I certainly hope so. He does not appear to have half the ego of these two fools.

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