Saturday, February 4, 2012

Melbourne swelters in the heat, Queensland and NSW flooded


While Melbourne swelters in a mini heat wave, up north most people are getting more rain and floods. At least it is not as bad as last year and I did ring the home in Charleville where my mother is to see that she is safe. This leads me to my next gripe of the new week.
Because of the massive flooding in Charleville Qld my 90 year old mother has been moved with other residents from their facility in Charleville to a hospital in Brisbane.What annoys the hell out of me is trying to find numbers from Telstra in this day and age. When you ring the directory you get this muffled voice on the other end of the line and in answer to my query are 'Are you in India or what?' the guy replied 'No, I am in the Philippines.' Great! I HATE the outsourcing of jobs like this from Australia into some third world country. Can't we answer our own phones any more? The guy asked me how to spell 'Charleville'. I had to spell it twice. WHY? WHY?
The problem is not them. It is us and we are crueling our own society by allowing these jobs to go overseas.
My son plays Cricket this morning and we have a Chabad festival for kids between 12 and 4 this afternoon. So a full day is planned by all.
I am continuing to think about what to do re work and worried about my mother although she probably hardly ever gives me a thought. Interesting how much I am literally hated by my siblings to the extent that I am never contacted even to see if I am alright and it is put around that 'I have mental problems.'

I find the 'mental problems' tag highly offensive and ridiculous. It is quite funny in a way. It was always me ringing to see if they were ok and that was a source of malicious amusement for them so I stopped ringing. Not once did anyone ever ring me in the past twenty odd years to see if I was ok. Except for my dear departed father that is. He was the only person in the family who rang me. I was in Israel for 6 nearly 7 years and my mother did not ring me once the whole time I was there. She did not even speak to me while I was there. I only spoke to my father and when I asked for her, he told me she was busy. She did not want to come to the phone. Sick of being lied to and the rubbish spread about me that came back through other relatives is astounding. Still she is my mother. I have to.....
I may be financially stretched to the limit which has a lot to do with the effects of my bullying in NSW and not working for five years but a lot of other people would have crumpled under the pressure. I have just keep on with my daily life and tried to get on top of things financially.

Anyway enough of that and here is a picture of the levee banks in Charleville Qld where I grew up on  property nearby about 100 miles away from the town.

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