Monday, February 27, 2012

Reflections on Archbishop Hickey, Dr Kerryn Phelps and Political Futures


Just watched a very interesting clip from Sunrise which must have been in the last few days. Apparently Archbishop Hickey from Western Australia has come out and stated that children deserve to be raised in a conventional family situation and they have the right to a lifestyle that is the norm rather than the alternative such as a same sex family situation.

Sunrise interviewed Dr Kerryn Phelps (yes, the high profile doctor who came out as gay many years ago) and a gentleman in Canberra from the Australian Christian Lobby. The man spoke a lot of sense about how the gay lobby is demonising people like Margaret Court and the Archbishop who 'dare' to speak out against the aggressive stance of the gay and lesbian lobby group for same sex marriage. You have to realise that those of the gay and lesbian lobby who do speak out and even if they are highly intelligent and intellectual people, they have an agenda, which is to legitimise same sex or gay marriage. However they are afraid, very afraid because they know ultimately deep down within themselves, their life style is not normal and it is not ideal for children to be raised with two people of the same sex in the sort of physical relationship that normally happens between a man and a woman within the bounds of a legally sanctioned marriage relationship. Most of us are tolerant and accepting of people and people's differences, but what we do not like is the aggressive and angry push by the gay and lesbian groups to make us feel that somehow a man and a woman in a relationship is 'not ideal'.  This is what the good Dr Phelps implies, when she starts talking about all the woes of children being in foster care which is as she states 'only from heterosexual relationships gone wrong. It does not happen in gay relationships? Has any research been carried out here? She does not have an ideal record either and how is her relationship with her children been? Is she a good role model of a mother figure, I do wonder?
Her conclusions, or the conclusions she invites us rather forcefully to arrive at,  are erronous because her whole premise is based on both a manipulation of statistics and assumption after assumption. She wilefully ignores the fact that there are many wonderful and happy marriages with children being raised by heterosexual couples who are enjoying good childhoods. I resent the gay lobby pushing the same sex marriage barrow on the premise that it is the 'ideal' which is what they would have us believe, and they do belittle and scream down anyone who believes that same sex marriage is not ideal. It is enough already. Most of us are tolerant and accepting of gay people but do not believe that gay or same sex marriage is appropriate. We do not want to be bullied into having to accept something that we do not believe in or believe is right, but by the same token, we can be accepting of the relationships of gay men and women who are together, the same way we can accept that there are de facto heterosexual unions. Marriage requires certain things apart from commitment and to be honest one of the prime requisites will always be that it involves two people of oppposite genders, not the same genders.
Well Julia has been reaffirmed as leader and I believe that Kev is on the back benches but not gone. They will lose the next election big time but the face off with the Liberals may not be between Julia and Tony but between Julia and Malcolm Turnbull and he is most likely to win and win decisively. Even if Tony Abbot faces off against Julia, he will win.  The ALP have done too much damage.
The least that either party can do is put money back into two sectors of the country 'EDUCATION and HEALTH the two sectors which Jeff Kennett merrily decimated in his term as Victorian Premier all those years back.


Viewpoint said...

Thank you for the courage to write this. I hope you don't receive too much hate-mail.

Ilana said...

Oh, I think they will leave me alone. I leave a lot of people very scared. One vitrolic member of the GLTG community who is presently attacking Dr Shimon Cowen would not print my comment denouncing his vicious hate fuelled outrageous posts about Dr Cowen which border on obsessive compulsive.
Most of us are very humane and tolerant people, but we do have to draw a line somewhere for the sake of decency and good manners. I don't feel guilty for being heterosexual and I hope no one else does. Some things in life are still sacred.