Sunday, February 26, 2012

Most of US are born different to the majority


We are all individuals when it boils down to it. We are all born different and I would hazard a guess that there is not many people who are clones of others in this world although some people do try to create clones of themselves through their children or grandchildren or people who are close to them through work or a friendship circle. They feel powerful if they can influence and control the thinking and actions of others. They feel some how justified in being if others will follow their way of thinking. I actually like people who stand up for what they believe in and while tolerant of others beliefs as we all must be, they do not seek to destroy another because of their beliefs.
I believe very strongly that the Creator of us all put each and every one of us here in this existence with a mission in mind to make this a better world for us all. We have to find our particular mission and the medium through which we can best express it's message. Hopefully it is a positive message of growth, personal development and giving.
When we come across someone different, we must try to take the time to understand that person and not stick labels on them that later are hard to remove from our mind. I love getting to the inner core of individuals I meet and understanding who they are and watching those people develop over time into great people. They start out as great little human beings and so I should say, greater people.
Some people who you would expect to cope with difference cannot cope. Then others who you would least expect to cope, show kindness and compassion that you did not even suspect lay within their emotional range. Some times you have to try to be a catalyst for change for that person. It can be painful and it cannot always work. You may lose a friend. It may mean that you have gone in different directions and that is still OK.
It has to be. In this egocentric generation there are a lot of very me centred individuals. I guess there had to be after a generation that was all give, give, give away style and this new generation - the baby boomers (which Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard are born into) grandchildren who are in high school now may balance it all out and be the pragmatists of the new leadership in the future. What do they think, I wonder, to see these leadership battles of an elected government ripping into each other and behaving in a less than honourable fashion on both sides I might add.
I like balance and I hope one day I can be a philanthropist and support a few of my favourite causes. The main one is education of equal opportunity for all. I would one day love to see a couple of public boarding schools for children who have awkward home lives. That is rich you might say, coming from someone who spent six years in boarding schools and loathed every moment of it.  I would have rather completed my education at home. I envied day pupils. However I can see for some kids it could be a blessing.
I would love to see a boarding school in the other reaches of say Kilmore or Sheperton for Indigenous kids and have it run by an indigenous Education co-operative with a structured curriculum that would give indigenous kids and not just the indigenous kids but non-indigenous kids who wanted to learn about the indigenous cultures a true education into the indigenous approach to learning and life. Maybe it is already happening. I hope so. The way to value differences in people and cultures is through one thing - education and a correct education and depth of learning breeds understanding and tolerance we would hope.
Think of how very many different people have enriched the world. We were not meant to all be clones or clowns. Only through loving ourselves do we love others and can appreciate and value the differences in indviduals and their talents what ever they may be.

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