Sunday, February 5, 2012

A dark story with darker implications


A Post for little John Ashfield who died on August 4th 1993. My son was born on the 10th anniversary of his death.

I am not usually an advocate for the death penalty but I really do think that there are some crimes that a death penalty is needed to protect the vulnerable and weaker members of society.  Actually I do not like the death penalty at all but in some cases, you do think, society needs to be protected from people such as these.

Here is the first article and it is not for the weak stomached. When you read of the wickedness of these people, you wonder how someone could treat a child in such a manner, any child, not just a child you borne. What happened to her protective maternal instinct? It is beyond belief what this woman did.  I love children and while I do believe the occasional smack at times is warranted (delivered as a firm pat on the bottom and once only without anger) and firm boundaries, the actions of these two people is beyond all my comprehension. They systematically abused this child until he died and involved the other children in their abuse. One wonders if they were drunk, on drugs or just simply evil, twisted and exceptionally malicious people.

When you read what they did to this little boy and the ‘reason’ for which they believed he needed punishment, one cannot help but wonder at the deranged madness of this pair of monsters. How have they damaged the other children who had to witness the beating of their little brother? G-D only knows. A six year old boy supposed to have touched his three year old sister inappropriately? They must be mad and have they had psychiatric evaluations done on this pair? They were projecting their own filth and anger onto a gorgeous normal little lad and when you see the pictures of this child, you cannot stop the tears. Vile, vile beings and why are we letting people like this back out into the community? How do we stop this witch from having contact with children under 16? She will probably be in a relationship with someone within weeks of getting out. That man could very well have grown children and they may have children who will be his grandchildren. There is an insanity happening in the court system that beggars belief. They are relying on people who have committed the ultimate crimes to keep to rules of normal social behaviour.

We get to Austin Allen Hughes and there is a woman out there who I hope is thanking G-D for her alert and protective sister and mother. Thank goodness, that these people were alert and aware to what this man was about.

When you read how he integrated himself into the family, it gives you the cold shivers.

And the daughter Melissa, John’s little sister, one of the hidden victims whose life has been shattered by this pair’s barbaric act of insanity.

In conclusion, it shows us just how vulnerable we are as single parents. There is nothing to be said but that it is best for society when we raise our children to be balanced and good human beings and to marry once and be in a strong and stable relationship with the one person. I look with some envy at friends who are married and in strong relationships of twenty or thirty years standing. It shows that marriage is meant to be between men and women to endure and to refine and develop the character of people and to be an example for the next generation.

I swore to myself when I first held my sleeping baby son that I would never ever enter into a ‘relationship or partnership’ with anyone because I was ‘lonely’ or because ‘he needed a father’ and that I would put his safety and needs for security first at all times.  It does not matter to me that I may never get married again. I have a duty to my child and we all need to recognise that we have a duty to our children to put their needs first and ours second. We are adults and they are the vulnerable and the weak that need our protection. The rest is up to G-D and all we can do is our best and pray.

The little people like John Ashfield who left this life too soon and in the most horrific manner, are becoming far too numerous and we must do something to protect them. May his killers rot in prison for the rest of their lives or be struck by some natural disaster. G-D a bolt of lightning for both of them, but then considering the way that tiny little child suffered, it is too swift a death for them.

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