Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day - What is it?

But another day for the retailers to get more money out of the foolish. Even if I could afford chocolates and flowers I cannot think of anyone I would send them to on this day. What is it really celebrating?
Forgive me if I am a tad cynical, but in this day and age, does it really mean anything? I mean you meet someone for several seconds (many people) and you are 'in love' so you think. So two people like the look of one another they shake hands and do other things best not mentioned here. This is a family blog after all. Then a hour or two later they break up and the cycle starts up again.  Please. I am not a person for romance but hard solid commitment, in friendships and and marriages. That is why I was a failure in marriage I guess. I am a better friend than a wife. I demand too much I guess.  Many men do not like commitment or it just bores them or scares them.
My son has a hard time but I guess he also is not an easy little person. He maybe needs a mother like me.
What do the chocolates of Valentines Day really mean? Apart from the fact it is a Christian saints day which I do not observe, (any of them) it annoys me exceedingly that we copy American customs slavishly. I like my chagim to have meaning and essence.
St Valentines Day has nothing for me.
Plus by the way, if another person wants to post a tribute to Whitney Houston or Facebook, I think I will scream. ENOUGH ALREADY. The woman might have been a good singer ONCE, but she became a wack job, unfortunately. Too many drugs, too much alcohol and just plain confused as all hell. Then, she got the doctors to prescribe drugs to her. The worst kind, the legal drug pushers. It shows how just out of control she was and lacking in commonsense.
What is sad is that she was a good little gospel singer from where ever in USA and she ran into the big bad city boy Bobbi Brown. It destroyed her. Because she allowed it. You have to be strong to play with those sorts of fellows and not let them make a 'ho' out of you. Keep away from the drugs and alcohol and to live a clean life, even if they ain't. Whitney was weak. Really weak and foolish, a bit immature for a 48 year old. She lacked commonsense, hence the early death. Some talented people have death wishes and she was one of them.
SAD. At least she is not suffering any more.

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