Tuesday, September 11, 2012

News Flashes!

Amalya Cafe in Glenhuntley Road just near Kooyong Road has a new menu and still the really unique hamishe atmosphere but NEWER tastier dishes on the menu. I am not saying it was not good before, but it is going from strength to strength. One sign of the ability of a place to survive, is the ability to be flexible and offer new food on the menu for customers. Mahe them come back for more. Personally since I first had coffee there in 2009 and it was the best coffee ever, while I waited for my son to finish his OT sessions at KidsTherapyNetwork, I have loved Amalya's.
Anyway check out the new menu.
Really sad to hear about the plight of the good people of Migron. This Rosh Hashannah I am focussing my davening on them keeping their homes and Judea and Samaria must be annexed this coming year. We must own our land. No wonder we are having all this problem if we can't acknowledge Hashem's goodness and mercy.
As I do tzeshuva for all the things that I have said and done this year that has hurt others (I still have two people to catch up with for letters of apology - one of them a Holy Jewish mother of six holy neshamas that I had words with and composed a letter to asking for forgiveness but I have to find a shalicha because when harsh words are exchanged sometimes the other party just does not want to forgive) one must try to do better and watch and measure the impact of each word that comes from one 's mouth. I do try to study a Halacha series and one word of wisdom that gleaned recently was simply that one should not buy into every argument on offer. It is best to close one's mouth and take insults meekly than to flare up because that is perhaps what the argumentative persons want in the first place to hurt by pushing psychological buttons. It is a sort pulling wings off flies analogy.

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