Saturday, September 15, 2012

Humourless and Atrocious Reaction to an anti Muhummed film

It is with shock and horror I view reports of escalating violence and see pictures of children bearing placards calling for beheadings of people who are perceived to insult the Prophet Mohammed.
Well we may say, 'Are these idiots for real?' Unfortunately they are. We live in democracies which more and more we find are under threat as Islamic theocracies increase their stranglehold on the minds of their followers and weave their way into the governments of countries whose very tolerance towards others will bring about their destruction. Once an ardent Islamist has a position in the government of a non Islamic country, he or she then sets about destroying and undermining the very principles that got him or her (note that there are not too many hers in their power pyramid. For hers you need to look at the bottom) elected in the first place.
This will be a war of opposing mindsets and ideologies. We need to look at Islam and all it proposes and decide now 'is this what I want for myself and my children?'  if it is not, then say to them unacceptable. You want to live a life of violence go to an Islamic country where that sort of behaviour is condoned or tolerated.
The reaction which led to the rape by sodomy and murder of an embassador is both disgusting and gut wrenching. Truly the followers of this Mohammed and his religion of "peace" will be judged by their actions.
Reports of this are unconfirmed but given the level of depravity and lack of real moral training in the mob rule I would say that Christopher Stevens RIP was probably not killed in a very decent way at all and I'd say one of a continuing number of martyrs to the Obama government's capitulation policy to the fanatic Arab Islamic regimes.
In Sydney the chaps in their caftans and head gear have been busy stirring up trouble. This is Sydney
Our home turf and those Muslims who are peace loving better get busy and start installing some peaceful principles into the rent a demo for some violent fun crowds that hang around the more radical mosques up there.
Then of course she talks about the film that supposedly caused it all as despicable. Well, it probably tells a few home truths in a satirical way. I find the reaction to the film is probably much more despicable than the actual film itself. Look at the saga of the Danish cartoons. Something is very skewed here.
Long live democracy if she is allowed to survive we need to be intelligent and sensitive to others and their beliefs but also to have a sense of humour and love both peace and truth equally. I do not go for religious fascists of any ilk or size or colour threatening me with rape, decapitation or torture if I do not follow their narrow insular ways. 
Shana Tova. G-D is the true judge of us all. May we be judged favourably and for peace.

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