Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Reflections on being Homeless

There are many reasons why a person ends up homeless. I and my son are technically homeless and our situation will be even worse in a matter of days. The owners of the house and the two dogs we are looking after come back on the 14 th of September. At that time we will literally be on the streets sleeping in our car. We have at the present time no where else to go after the 14th of September except the streets.
I have for reasons undisclosed been refused service at Harcourts in Drouin and still am reeling in shock as to why and what have I done. I have not raised my voice to any of their personnel or been abusive or given them any trouble as far as I can see. Not one harsh word has passed between us and I am going to put it down to nastiness on the part of staff members at that office or even anti semitism. I found the Chairo Christian School to be openly anti semitic when I applied for CRT work there and maybe there is a connection. I am not about to toss off my religious beliefs and it is discrimination.
Why should I have to pretend to be someone or something different in order to get a job, to rent a house or just to be a respected member of a community? If I behave decently, dress modestly, speak with respect to others even frothy mouthed druggies like the silly whore with the broken blackened teeth screaming her head off in the Woolworth's supermarket in Drouin on Monday evening. She harassed my child who has just turned nine and leaned in close to the poor kid's face telling him 'I have three girls (heaven help them not to go the way of their mother) and I would never swear in front of them." I resisted the urge to say 'LIAR, LIAR pants on fire!' because of the stream of filthy language that had poured forth from her mouth just before was proof that she was totally strung out on drugs or she has taken so many drugs that she is totally unstable. Her teeth were blackened stumps and her eyes were blue with bloodshot lines through them.  Her skin was awful. I get pimples sometimes when stressed because you body has to deal with the toxic wastes somehow. That is why stressed people can end up with the diarrhoea, sweats, dizziness and palpitations. Her skin had breakouts and I wondered how old she was probably mid to late twenties going on fifties or sixties. Druggies often look far older than they actually are.
My son started to feel sad for her and I told him feel sad for her state but never love a person like that. They can drag you into their personal ghenoim and you never get out. Be decent to them and respectful but never get involved with them. Unfortunately people like that are homeless for a very good reason. They want attention and are loud and uncomfortable to be near. They are very anti social and behave in anti social ways. They make you cringe but you have to see them as human beings despite the discomfort you feel being near such people. I used to be able to deal with such people more tolerantly but lately, I just cannot stand having them near me.
Back to our own situation, I am already making plans about what to do in the worst case scenario that we need to sleep in our car. Today I am going to organise my things and my son's so that we have one or two changes of clothes that I can wash at a sink in a public facility like a caravan park so we do not look dirty and unkempt and to store my things in a friend's garage. We have to keep life going in some areas as normal so my son can go to school as normal except for the holidays when I hope I can get a sponsor for him to play cricket and to do a soccer clinic over the holidays. I pray to Hashem that we are able to get a house to rent soon.

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