Thursday, September 6, 2012

Migron the community and a scurrilous article

I read some pretty upsetting things today and this article was one them. Luckily this journalist repeatedly shoots himself in the foot several times. His article is very negative about the community and it's inhabitants / citizens. They are NOT settlers. They are citizens of the state of Israel.
Here is the link to the article.
That this journalist does not have much sympathy for the people of Migron is shockingly obvious. I found his tone offensive and his attention to detail and fact lacking. For example he states that:

No doubt relocating Migron’s residents involves inconveniences — packing, moving, living in temporary quarters. And leaving a place in which one has invested heart and soul is painful. But Migron was always an unauthorized outpost, as its residents well knew when they moved in.
Migron was settled and it's inhabitants supported and assisted by the Israeli government at the time. It was not unauthorised. The "unauthorised comes from the left wing myth making machine as they seek to justify what they have done to these people. Then this latte slurping cafe lay about downplays the whole movement of the families, the actual efforts involved in moving households etc as something simple and almost fun,like it is some macabre game. I can assure you that for these families, this is not the case it would be traumatic and highly emotional.
He then states "the settlers loss is no great loss." Maybe not for him.  He would probably be no great loss to the world of journalism.
I find his back handed comments with regard to the settler citizens extremely biased. While he could not lie about the dignified way the families left the site and he had to give the another jab. He acknowledged that the people of Migron are in the majority law abiding citizens while implying that they were somehow not politically correct but misguided. It seems there is one rule for some, and another rule for others. When will we stop this hypocrisy?
The fact that he down played their plight and had absolutely no sympathy for those families beggars belief  and I had to pull myself together and think this is what happens when people are brought up with a 
G-D less outlook on life. They see everything through some flawed logic lens. I had someone tell me once that people are responsible for their own misfortunes. Not so, my next post is about a holocaust survivor called Esther. It is not her real name but when I think of what this holy woman went through in Australia of all places, I cry to G-D. I cry and ask how can human beings be so heartless to each other and how could this happen?
Please pray for the people of Migron, offer them any assistance you can. Thank G-D for Moshe and Nora Elkman who have been wonderful support for these people and worked tirelessly to bring attention to their plight. Not like some as this G-Dless journalist who even seems to lack a heart. I know I will never buy Ha'aretz again. 

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