Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bullying in teaching, same sex marriage and Islamic riots

What a week it has been. A good and hard working principal pulled down and sacked by small minded and jealous individuals on a board because of pay descepancies. Seems absurd that Louise Adler and Ahmed Fahour, two individuals with little educational expertise can pull down a woman who spent fifteen good years devoting herself to a school, it's students and it's educational vision. Their belittlement of her contribution to MLC will not go unnoticed. I feel for Rosa Storelli. She comes across as dedicated and professional, as someone who truly loves her job. I fear for her state of mind after what they have done stripping her of her dignity and shoving her out the door like some naughty little servant who they have scapegoated for their own errors.
The board rejected an attempt at mediation and I think I know why. What would come to light would not be any inadequacy on the part of Rosa Storelli, there may be more to this story than meets the eye. When a group refuse to mediate, what you have is an admission of guilt. Rosa would be vindicated and they would end up with egg their faces. I hope she sues them and has enough support in the school community and those connected to the education community to be successful in court.
Trouble is when you have been emotionally brutalised by a group of people determined to get rid of you for unjust reasons it leaves emotional wounds that take time to heal. I hope Rosa has professional help as well as her own resources to see her through.
The same sex marriage bill did not pass the Senate. That was to be expected. The vote was 26 to 41 against. For all those people who suggested we are old fashioned and homophobic because we do not support same sex marriage, I say phooey. We can be sensitive and caring towards gay people without marriage. Gay partners have the same rights as de facto partners do and most are treated as spouses are in many respects except one that it does not have the sanctification of marriage. I do not support same sex marriage but in every other aspect I have respect for gay people and support them emotionally in their struggle to be treated with respect like any other human being. I do not agree with same sex marriage though.
Talking of respect, we see the absolute lack of respect for others in the Muslim extremists. Take Christopher Stevens the USA embassador to Libya. This guy is a public servant who represents and serves his country. He may have even been very decent person and sympathetic to Muslims, but on September 11th his Embassy was broken into by these people who are supposed to worship G-D. His personal dignity was violated and he was raped and killed by these scumbags who dare to call themselves religious Muslims. I believe personally that some one who really believes in G-D does not lie with another man like a woman, does not rape anyone especially not little girls, whatever religion the belong to.
Some of their supporters and other Islamic idiots planned to have a demonstration in Melbourne. A peaceful demonstration, of course. What a load of garbage. With feelings running so high on both sides, I cannot see how this could ever be a peaceful demonstration as the organisers of such an event well know. It would a disaster and turn into a violent and chaotic punch up and I would imagine we could very well have people killed if such a demonstration takes place.
Those who do turn up to such an event are only looking for a bit of excitement and an excuse for a fight. If you are really peaceful you stay home and write letters to the paper or blog. You do not need to be on the streets of Melbourne carrying placards.
Haven't the police got their work cut out for them enough already without having to deal with these idiots demonstrating ostentatiously for 'peace?' Yeah right!

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