Monday, September 3, 2012

Juliar Gillard how do we love thee?

It is interesting to watch the changes being wrought by image people. Ms Gillard is becoming increasingly more manipulated as she strives to hold onto her position and assure the party faithful that she indeed has every thing under control in government. Her carefully crafted appearance last night on prime time TV with her 50's granny / movie star hair style, speaking with the utmost confidence about Labor's grand scheme for education which is probably like Labor's grand schemes to combat climate change, the Pink Batts disaster, the Carbon Tax and whatever else they can come with to rip money off the tax payer and deceive people into believing that they are doing a great job in government, is a prime example.  I actually think they do not know what they are doing or where they are going.
She talks about the education system being overhauled and up with the top five by 2020 or was it 2025? Really Julia? I am so excited, I am sweating with anticipation or is it fear? 2020?????? You are kidding me, right? Oh, no you are not! It is now 2012. That is eight years away.
As a teacher and a parent with a child in primary school I am darn sure I want something in place before 2020.
She and her policy makers must think the general public is nuts or brain dead. The work on the education system needs to start now. More funding and more teachers with lower student teacher ratios and updating resources with In-services on technology for teachers who are leery of using it in classrooms. if you are a dinosaur who ensconced in the system and not able to or willing to update your skills continually you should get out of e profession retire and garden somewhere or take trips. There is too much protected dead wood in the profession who are all about protecting their positions and destroying those who threaten the status quo in any way.

One thing is for sure, Juliar will pass from the political spectrum soon. Why should state governments fund a mickey mouse scheme to up grade education when they have been offered no substantial plan for what is to take place? Have the Labor policy makers talked to principals of schools, people in education like teachers and professional educators? Probably not. The thing is that if you want your car fixed you go to a mechanic, you don't ask a lawyer or dentist or a doctor or even receptionist unless their hobby is fixing cars. Hardly likely though. There are too many people with ideas on education and they are not there in the system or in a classroom. They are outside and poking their nose in for a few seconds and then they become experts on education. Too many certificate chefs and not enough chefs with real experience and know how.

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