Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Advice on safe sex for the older woman - is it really necessary?

I often come across articles that make me laugh out loud at the ridiculousness of them. This article I read post Yom Kippur was one. It was worth a few good moments of chuckle. It is not that I am a prude. I am not. However the thought of a mature woman going on an RSVP dating site to trawl the pages for someone to literally have sex with at the drop of a hat is both astonishing and downright dangerous. I am not just talking about STD's, but lots of other dangers such as dangerous psychotics looking for just such silly women to take advantage of  and to use like a prostitute. If a man wants cheap sex, let him go to one of those places, I say and pay for what he wants.
The article focuses mainly on women who are in their fifties and did not grow up in the age of aids and did not have the dubious benefits of "no sex with out condoms" etc. However it is not just aids you should be wary of, there are many other physical and emotional dangers that such behaviour could bring into your life. I always thought older women should have more sense. We should have put aside the follies of youth or an earlier age and become more conservative and sensible. One would have hoped.
When I was teaching in NSW in the Riverina, a so called behaviour expert told me I needed help and counselling because I must be depressed. The reasons I was supposed to be depressed was because I was living alone with my then two year old child and not having sex or not in relationship with someone. (.????)  Hardly a sufficient criteria for depression one would think.
Sex is one of the least basic needs. A roof over one's head, enough to eat, clothes to wear and a few friends - good friends that is who are emotionally supportive and not destructive to your state of mind are far more important.
I would have thought most old women would have gone past the need for sexual adventures after the big 50 and most of us even earlier.  Never being a fan of sex for sex 's sake, I find the pop psychology obsession with the idea of "sex is necessary to be a healthy functioning human being" quite silly and quite demeaning to women and men too. It puts us on the level of animals who copulate instinctively and without reflection and thought. That is why humans get married before they have intimate relations or should and then there is no need for condoms or other nonsense and people are valued for more than the physical desire or lust that is  only momentary.
Here is the article.
Personally I find it quite horrifying that older women would behave in such a fashion like some stupid girl of seventeen or eighteen 
 who has had no moral guidance. We need to value ourselves and not behave in such a fashion that makes us the 
laughing stock of not only younger women, but men as well. It is bad enough being old, we do not want to make ourselves look
ridiculous and undignified as well. As I said, older women need to behave with wisdom and common sense not like young girls. We need to act our age and have decorum. 
Hope everyone had a good fast.
Gut Yom tov. 

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