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Moshe Elkman in Migron The community being expelled from their homes by dishonest actions of Peace Now


This morning I received an email from Moshe Elkman an Australian business man who is in Migron to support this community undergoing a traumatic removal of their families - men, women and children from the place of their houses and homes for ten years plus to new site not far away. The new houses that have been hastily erected by the Israeli government to house the fifty families of Migron are not yet complete. Yes, it is summer, but winter and rains are coming and also the Yom Tovim are a bare fortnight away. Only faith in the ultimate divine plan of our Master and Creator keeps these people secure, for they have been horribly betrayed and to my mind unwittingly by the government of Israel who have had their hands forced against their own citizens by a rogue group of left wing nut cases called Peace Now. Peace Now activitists in their rush to show how even handed and compassionate they are to the Palestinians but ignore the damage they are causing to their own by their actions.
Migron was founded in 1999 with the full support of the Israeli government of the day. It was planned to build a further 500 units of housing there on this hilltop overlooking the Highway around 14 kilometres from Jerusalem in the hills of Benyamin. However both residents and unfortunately the government of Israel reckoned without the vicious and destructive bent of the so called Peace Now organisation who always on the lookout for a bit of media attention and incidents to create a bit of a feeding frenzy for foreign journalists who just love a bit of a war or an incident manipulated to make it look like the Israelis are being 'brutal' again to the poor little defenceless Palestinians who of course just want peace and no Jews anywhere in sight. Preferably we should all be underground in their vision of a future. Let's ignore the Fogel family massacre, bus bombings and things like Sbarro bombing. They are just nasty negative moments of mayhem because the Israelis, well it is just so impossible to live next to them. The poor Palestinians have to throw rockets continually over the border just to remind the Israelis to keep to their designated corner of the universe because Islam is spreading and needs space. Peace Now found some Palestinians who they could convince to claim ownership of the hilltop land. The real previous owners of the land that was bought by settlers and the Israeli government had to be moved overseas because the funny thing about Arabs or Palestinians who sell land to Israeli Jews or anyone Jewish or not, for that matter is that, they end up in a ditch somewhere horribly mutilated and with their throats slit or worst. So if you are an Arab who has land in Israel and he or she is not using and you want a life that is free of corruption and conflict and you want a chance at really living, you make a deal with an Israeli Jewish buyer and part of the deal is a safe passage out of the country to some safer location overseas. If the situation was reversed and you were a Jew living in Syria or Iran there would be no such safe option as the Iranian government or the Syrian government would just take your land and kill you or deport you or worst. It is only in DEMOCRATIC Israel that such idiocy as is happening at Migron could occur. Instead of compensation being paid to these Palestinian conmen being helped by Peace Now activists, they are actually evicting these families from their rightful homes.
The whole situation is absolutely disgusting and the human rights of these families are being violated again and again. Look at Gush Katif in 2005 for an example of how far the government of Israel has gone for peace and where has it gotten them??? Rocket attack after rocket attack after rocket attack!
There will be no peace until the Israeli government annexes Judea and Samaria and stops this sort of nonsense and puts the head of Peace Now Yariv Oppenheimer in a prison cell with Ahlam Tamimi and Aljad Awad and leave them together for the next twenty odd years. Yariv can listen to these pigs gloat about the deaths of innocent people day after day. It would be the most fitting punishment that I could think of.
Peace Now calls itself the 'leading voice of the Israeli public for peace'. I know that they are the leading ratbags in the middle east and where do they get their money from? A few very wealthy backers I suspect sit in Saudi Arabian villas, sipping tea and laughing behind their hands at these stupid left wing Jews who are destroying their own state. It is time to stop this nonsense and give back the homes of the people of Migron and bring other families to the Shomron to fill the nearly completed houses and give the new community a new name or Migron Beit and leave Migron Aleph people alone to build up their town.

Moshe Elkman and his wife Nora are wonderfully compassionate people. They have been working hard to support the people of Migron as they did the people of Gush Katif. Do not let this be a Gush Katif saga, please.
I do not blame Bibi Netanyahu or the government of Israel for this state of affairs. They have had their hand forced all along in this by external forces and players in this game. I blame Peace Now, the lack of foresight in the Israeli Supreme Court and the stupidity of the peace activitists who are not really activitists but people bored and looking for excitement and having nothing better to do they meddle in affairs that are not their business and create a mess for other people. The Israeli government should have annexed Judea and Samaria years ago.  Why are they sitting on their hands now?

Here is Moshe Elkman's email and he should receive blessings and koah for the work that he and his wife have done in supporting the people of Migron in many ways.


Hi, below is a short summary of my visit to date with the brave expellees of Migron.

I arrived at Ben Gurion airport at 11.25 pm Sunday evening and was met by a true "tzaddik" Shai Yemini, son of former Gush Katif expellee Yosi Yemini.I asked Shai to drive me to Migron and as he was armed I felt quite safe as we drove close by to Ramallah and passed through several Arab villages around 1.30am.

We arrived at the new development site of Migron where we were told by a policeman that the Migron expellees had been sent to Medrashat Ofra, where we arrived just after 2am. The shomer , Nir Cohen, armed with a rifle allowed me to stay with him in the guard house till his shift finished and then told me that I could sleep at his house where I finally found a bed and grabbed around 2 hours sleep before being woken up @ 5.45am for shacharit. I dovened shacharit and after benching gomel (this gave my secret identity away) I was asked to talk about my involvement with Migron after which dozens of young Migron expellees (men ofcourse!!) came and either shook my hand or gave me a bear hug!!!!

I met Aviela Deitch's husband Shalom after dovening and then finally met Aviella. We had an amazing Israeli style banquet in the huge lunch room and loaded ourselves up with salad rolls for the day ahead. From about 12.30pm-1.15pm we went to the new development site so that Aviela and Shalom could inspect their new home which was supposed to already be prepared for them....but the homes are far from Aviela told reporters the site is just like a "Hollywood movie set!!!!"....there are many dangerous areas for children including an exposed cliff face where rocks can fall on the children, rock faces which when you touch crumble....unfinished bathrooms the list goes on.

Aviela was interviewed by a US magazine reporter from a publication called "The National" and then was filmed by a Japanese film crew filming for Japanese TV!!!!

I was really touched to see dozens of young girls not even from Migron who gave of their time to mop and clean the new residences....the degree of "achdut" (unity)was heart rendering.

I must say that I thought my visit was to give "chizuk" (strength) to the Migron expellees but they have been the ones who have gaven me the chizuk...their smiles, warmth, determination,bitcahon (faith and trust in Hashem) and understanding that even though this was not what "they" wanted they knew it was part of a "bigger" picture in fact Aviela kept saying that " we have two Migrons...the new Migron and the old Migron to which her children will return!!!!"

During the afternoon at Medrashat Ofra there was entertainment for the hundreds of children- blown up play equipment, lots of lollies and games given away plus an "enthralling magician" who enertained both the children as well as the older chidren (the ones with the white beards). I sat on the bench and was just so moved at the sight of hundreds of laughing children...young mothers sitting on the grass with their toddlers and a number of grandparents who had driven from Yerushalayim to support their expelled children.

Now I asked a few people who sponsored all the food and children's entertainment during the expellees time at Medrashat Ofra, expecting the answer to be Netanyahu's govt but lo and behold it was NOT Netanyahu it was the Binyamin Council who paid for the accommodation, food, children's entertainment with the knowledge that the promised housing would not be ready for at least another 1-2 weeks.

Any media receiving this email should write in big headlines " SCANDAL:PM Netanyahu expels & abandons Migron community"

This needless expulsion should never have happened and we should all doven for the welfare of out brothers and sisters in Migron and that there should not be any more examples of Jew expelling another Jew. We should ask why all the silence by our leaders...the rabbis and communal leaders???

Kind wishes from Medrashat Ofra,

Your friend,

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