Monday, September 3, 2012

The criminal mentality of unrepentant murderers - Ahlam Tam

What do Ahlam Tamimi, Amjad Awad and some of the worst Nazi murderers (may they be erased) have in common? Ahlam was responsible for the deaths of 16 people and the wounding of over100 other people in the Sbarro restaurant bombing in Jerusalem in 2001. Amjad was one of two Palestinian teenagers who massacred five members of the Fogel family in their beds on a peaceful shabbat night in March 2011 at Itamar.  Let's take Menegle for example who used Jews, especially twins as experimental subjects for his 'scientific research'. He must have been able to completely divorce himself from the pain of other human beings and had not one ounce of respect for life or the comfort and nurture of a child.
The former are worst than Menegle who tried to disguise his atrocities as research and scientific curiosity as if that somehow justified it, NOT.
You see they are unashamedly proud of their criminal acts. They try to present their murderous acts as somehow acts of 'heroism'. Is there anything heroic about slitting the throat of a three month old baby? Is there anything heroic about the murder of young and old civilians in a pizza restaurant, families and kids? I think not.
In this world today justice has become a nebulous quality that is defined by media outlets and propaganda. We make too many excuses for people who have acted badly or wrongly.  I would rather we went back to a black and white view on some issues like those who are terrorists and commit murder, pedophilia and pedophiles and any act that endangers the lives of others or their quality of life. We are to kind to the cruel and heartless and cruel to the compassionate.
This piece of human drek Ahlam sits in a chair in a TV station Memri and boasts gloatingly of how she was so happy to hear of the death toll rising and overjoyed that they were children. She has a typical psychopathic personality. I tried to imagine feeling joy at the death of someone who I dislike and could not. I actually do not dislike anyone in this world, let alone imagine feeling joy at a person's demise. It just doesn't connect.
The Palestinians are in real trouble. They have bought up children to hate and love as well as compassion for others are devoid from their emotional lexicon. They are headed for destruction. We do not have follow them. We need to save Migron.

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