Thursday, September 6, 2012

Latest Update from Migron and Moshe Elkman who is there to help

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                                                                       With G-d's blessing B"H


On Wednesday Aviela and her husband Shalom took me to the Binyamin supermarket where I actually witnessed the supermarket packed with Arab and Jews shopping together as seen on our video "Let  Migron Stay"(which to date has had over 420,000 views!). A symbol of the potential of co existence between Jew and non Jew.

I also spoke to Rav Rabinowitch who has been a guide for Aviela and he gave me some sound advice suggesting that when I return to Melbourne we should start a fund for the Migron families. I spent yesterday from 8.30-4.30 helping to pack Aviela's would not believe the ahavat Yisrael I witnessed as teams of young girls came in to help as did many young boys from Yeshiva at Beit El to help....the media will report the boys on the rooftops refusing to move but they won't report on the beautiful "achdut" I witnessed!

Yesterday I went to Migron and helped pack up the sforim and other things in the shule. At one stage someone tapped me on the shoulder telling me to stand as the 6-7 sefer Torahs were being taken out of the aron hakodesh wrapped in taleisim ready to move to thier new home. 

The soft sound of sobbing of one of the men could just be was quite emotional!

Thursday: Why didn't the Migron Community put up a fight?

My opinion is as follows:

I could not understand why the Migron community did not put up a fight but now I realise it was the best thing. They are just so strong...believing in Hashem and always smiling on the outside (although I detect their pain on the inside) but they thought first of the children and any conflict would really have had a very negative affect on the children. The children are just normal happy smiling "kinderlach"

The Binyamin Council has been incredible taking over Netanyahu's responsibilities: The Council supplied counsellors who would mingle with the community offering assistance,provided and paid for accommodation at Medrashet Ofra, food, toys and games.  

At 9.30 went to the new Migron where Aviela met new contractor to discuss making her new home habitable....she will not be able to move in for at least another 3 weeks while the majority of families have already moved in!

At 9.45 am I was sitting in one of the new homes when 6 young girls aged around 10-12 years old came in and asked "can we help in any way"...I had to fight back tears....... here are these young girls offering such chesed.

Around 10.15am Aviela was interviewed by a reporter Ruth Michaelson from Radio France International. At the end of the interview the reporter also interviewed me. Around 11.10 I was interviewed live by Josh on Arutz this is unreal!!!!

Late in the afternoon Josh from Arutz Sheva brought heaps of food, wine and other things for Shabbat for all the families, soft toys and games from people in Gush Etzion.....again will the media report this?

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