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A Journalist with Belly Rash


I find myself disliking the mainstream media more and more. Why well you may ask? Well there are a number of reasons. I am very glad I am neither a lawyer nor a journalist. These people should have the highest of ethical standards in all things, but all too often, members of these two professions turn out to be bottom-feeding mollusks that eat feces and churn out more of the same only refined and iced or dressed up to be something else.
1. They should be able to read in-depth and write insightful and concise articles about world affairs and the current events of these troubled contemporary times. However all too often, they make errors that make even a layperson such as myself cringe in embarrassment and wonder. But often they don't do their research and they write half cocked stories about situations that would be embarrassing in a year 10 Middle East History essay unless the teacher of such subject was being paid by a pro Arab Spring supporter to teach a very biased version of historical events and facts.
2. They ramble and they lie. I am allowed to ramble as I am writing for myself. No one pays me to write and for me to sell out on my integrity and write something that I know was not true, but someone was paying me to write it, I will just tell you get stuffed. I write the truth and even if it hurts, sometimes we all need a bit of truthful hurtfulness in our life to grow and to heal. If I am writing something and it is paid, it needs to be correct, but honest. I owe that to my employer, but I owe myself integrity and honesty fully.
3. Lawyers and barristers often simply want to make a buck and they will lie in order to do it. They do not care for justice and for truth. Those are flexible concepts for good lawyers, depending on if you are prosecuting or defending. To my mind anyway. I would love someone to say, 'Naw, Ilana you have it all wrong. The law is straight forward and protects the innocent.' I can then answer,"the law is perhaps straight, but the people that operate it ain't straight, by a long way.'
Now journalists, G-D you have to love them. No one else does.
Take this Paul McGeough who is the so called Chief Foreign Correspondent at the Sydney Morning Herald. I read his piece of muddled tripe on the situation in the Middle East and thought to myself, either some oil rich Saudi is loading this guy down with some good malt whiskey and good food, filling his head with lies at the same time and then he is going back to lodge his stories with the AAP and his moronic editor publishes this pathetically biased piece on the situation in Israel and the Middle East.

Here it is

If Paul McGeough even got out of the bar he is holed up in long enough to break wind, he would have known that for the past year or two, Hamas and other terrorist organisations have been raining rockets down on towns in southern Israel like Sderot and Ber Sheva to name a few. Israeli school children have 15 seconds to get to a bomb shelter as does anyone else if the siren goes. That also goes for child care centres in Israel. The metapelot (child care workers) have 15 bloody seconds to get their tiny charges to the safety of a bomb shelter if they have one. Sometimes they just bunker down under a table and hope for the best. Unlike many parents in Aza, the Israeli parents tend to work very hard and often both parties have to work to support themselves and pay taxes in a country that has been constantly besiged by wars for most of its nationhood. By the way, the parents in Aza would probably love to be working in peace and their children in childcare centres while they go across to Israel to work, as they used to before the Intifada stuffed that up and the "wise" leaders of the so called Palestinian state to be, carried on with all this sabotage and idiocy.  He starts talking about movie massacres in the United States. Is he for real, a journalist?
In the second paragraph, he compares King Abdullah II of Jordan and his Palestinian Queen Rania to the King Louis XVI of France who was beheaded 21st of January 1793 and calls Rania  a Marie Antoinette. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Jordanian monarchy, since the present King's father ruled and now this king, had one of the sanest heads of state and government in the Middle East, despite previous histories. They are one of the few really worthwhile countries that tourists can visit without too much bother and the population is fairly stable and the country run in a fairly orderly fashion compared to Egypt. Syria, Iraq and Iran.I wonder where McGeough gets his facts from. Hearsay or the bottom of a whiskey bottle? Who cares? We all should, when people like this can write trash like he has and have it published in a national newspaper. One would hope he has an editor above him to look at his pieces for credibility.
He needs to be edited for credibility and for facts.
'Rash' indeed is how he describes Israel. Does he know the meaning of rash. Maybe he thinks it is spots. In the movie Holes which my son presently is watching for the tenth time to follow the adventures of Stanley Yelnats and Zero, (I love that guy Zero, he told me, he's like me) there is the Yellow Spotted Lizard. Maybe Israel is the Yellow Spotted Lizard of the ME.  Guards the treasure and bites only the bad guys who try to get it and leaves the heroes alone.
Here are some definitions of Rash just for Mr McGeough to


Displaying or proceeding from a lack of careful consideration of the possible consequences of an action: "a rash decision".
An area of reddening of a person's skin, sometimes with raised spots, appearing esp. as a result of illness.
adjective.  hasty - reckless - thoughtless - unadvised - imprudent
noun.  eruption - exanthema
revise meanings.

Rash is the adjective that can be more properly applied to the Hamas and terror organisations of Aza area and the filth that is rising to the top in the Muslim Brotherhood in other Arab countries. They are they ones that are lobbing rockets into another country on a constant basis. They are the ones constantly pursuing the Israelis with intent to kill their children, their loved ones and to exterminate the Jewish State of Israel. I want to ask McGeough how many sorties into Aza has he witnessed of IDF soldiers going in Jeeps with sub machines and mowing down the stone throwers?????? None. Because that is more the late Saddam Hussein style or the leaders of Syria or Egypt. No body argues with those guys or dares write about the thousands of civilians killed in Syria for example. No one cares for the Coptic Christians copping it in Egypt or parts of north Africa. The Israelis leaflet and warn the civilian population of the impeding bombardment and allow them to move out of the way. Trouble is that the 'lovely and humane' Hamas Free for All fighters use kindergartens and schools or hospitals to launch their rockets from. Now isn't that caring of them. Are they using those sites because they care about defending those kids???
NO, definitely not. BUT, they do know that it will look bad for Israel in the world media when and if Israel retaliates.
Aza is a pussing open sore of terror cells and terrorist organisations and frankly it needs to be cleaned out and  cauterized to allow the healthy flesh to heal and renew itself. It needs to be under a strict military rule. All those with terror connections and guilty of terrorism need to be routed out and the the population seriously put to work on bettering conditions there for the common people who do I believe want peace. You feed people and give them gainful occupation and their self respect, they will change. The Arab leaders who have kept these people subjugated and submerged in the mire of poverty and blamed Israel for the ills of the Palestinians as a nation, they are the ones who should be bearing the blame for their inept and pathetically corrupt leadership and the conditions of their citizens.
I hope Paul McGeough can get his head out of his backside long enough to write a decent article on the middle east and one that is more factual, not some opinion piece that leaves the reader thinking he has been locked in a movie theatre watching goodness knows what lately. He ends with this pathetic line.

 The Palestinian Authority has always been about managing the Israeli occupation on behalf of Israel and the US. The Arab Spring could change all that - maybe.

Really, was he drunk when he wrote this? This may be what he wants us to believe about the Palestinian Authority. But the sad truth is the Palestinian Authority has never been about leadership and nation building. That is the pity and the tragedy for its people. It has been about war and building police forces and keeping control of the people who protest its corruption. 

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