Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The demise of Australia's first female prime minister

When you examine the meteoric rise of Ms Gillard to the highest political office in the land, you are struck by the ultimate ruthlessness of this woman. She should have remained a lawyer. Maybe if she had continued to practise law, some sense of ethics and compassion may have rubbed off over the years.
Is she ambitious? Yes, she is and is not adverse to using her parliamentary colleagues backstabbing and undermining one with the best of them to climb to the top of the pile.
Is she corrupt and not beyond covering up her wrong doings or using her position to cover the wrongdoings of others?
Well, there have been all sorts of funny goings on at top government and parliamentary levels it seems and disappearing files from the WA archives no less. That is possibly why she has stated with supreme confidence "That no documents have been produced."  We'll if someone has been paid to make them disappear then, of course there are no files. Our PM is a brilliant liar in that she can be very convincing on the surface, but when you start to scratch below the surface, boy oh boy, there are some surprises in store for us all I am sure. This extract is from an Age article below:

"Slater & Gordon said last month that that file had disappeared and a file held in the WA archives relating to the establishment of the Workplace Reform Association is now reported to be empty."
Now this is the article it is from.

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Is she a liar? 
Well we knew that beforehand that she lies and lies consistently. On that she is very consistent. Think Carbon Tax. She is going to be caught in web of her own making. Power is heady stuff. Trouble is you should never ever think you are invincible and you should live a pretty honest and law abiding life without any deviant little twists and turns in your personal life.
That being said, I do feel for some sense of compassion for Julia as she did lose her father recently, but I am not sorry enough to want to vote for her or her party. I think of the thousands upon thousands of people who have had their lives ruined or messed up by people like her. Power hungry, they are out to satisfy their own deep inner personal needs  in their bids for ultimate power. They do not care about this nation. They used the membership fees of the AWU to set up their own slush fund. Then you have the Craig Thompsons of the ALP. Also not adverse to using the money of the rank and file members to visit brothels and finance their own personal entertainment agenda. 
I think the average Aussie has had enough of the ALP. They pretend to care for people. They do not. They care about power, personal agendas and just feathering their own nest. At least the Howard government had an agenda that looked at the needs of Australia as a nation. Let's hope a. Abbott or a Turnbull government will be able to clean up is mess created by yet another ALP government.

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