Monday, November 26, 2012

Poor Julia Gillard - the Internet trolls are out to get her Maybe she has a Severe Personality Disorder Axis II with 'interestingly enough' paranoid features?


It is gruesome sport watching poor Julia Gillard squirm like a worm on a hook in full media spotlight. These days she is in her death throes politically. These latest allegations are not pretty. You lie down with dogs Julia and you come up a scratchin'. You needed to have had your Frontline monthly and to have kept away from places where you are likely to pick up fleas for many a year. Blewitt and Wilson may be dogs and just doing what crooks,...sorry, err dogs do naturally.They are instinctive creatures and driven by survival and are not driven by a vision for the future or by higher ideals. You may have had the higher ideals, but you let yourself be led by the nose. You should have been a better judge of people and your colleagues. They betrayed you rather badly and I am sorry to say, you were more than naive, if you are to be believed. but you see, I don't believe you. You profitted from this association and that is obvious. You just don't like being found out and shown for the schemer you are. You would sell your own grandmother if it fitted the scheme of things Julia and have no conscious about who you hurt, except if it is you. You, Ms Gillard are a white collar crook and you helped other crooks. You can hardly call yourself little Miss Innocent, now can you. You profited from these people and the unionists put you where you are. You are lost and betrayed.  You see it in Julia's eyes, she is in desparate straits and knows she has made some really bad mistakes and been betrayed rather badly. All because she thought it was well covered up, she now is fighting like a cornered rat. Tony Abbott is not the barnyard bantam bully he is made out to be. He is letting his deputy Julie Bishop slice Julia up for dinner, breakfast and lunch for the media and the public too.
Those of us who publish things about Ms Gillard on the Internet, we are called Internet Nutjobs. Good one, Julia, if you can't think of anything to say to defend your actions, let's just defame and belittle those calling for the truth and try and discredit them. Afterall you are Prime Minister and well, you are supposed to have integrity and ethics, aren't you?
Well that remains to be seen. You will resign before the next election if more of this comes to light. You liked the position of PM, didn't you? All the media attention, the power and the travel and other benefits without too much responsibility. We will see. You definitely could never step into John Howard's shoes. The only thing I have to say in your favour is the fact that you now acknowledge that he was a decent and good human being and so you should.
Interesting reading all this.

A bit more balanced than the Herald Sun but then The Age would cover for the ALP PM.
Ralph Blewitt comes across as a bit more rational than Julia and her vigourous denials do leave one wondering just what is going on. Yes, there have been no smoking guns and the detail of this is complex, but it will lead some where. Whether the average person has the intelligence and the stamina to see it through, remains to be seen.


Booligirl said...

"Severe Personality Disorder Axis ll with 'interestingly enough' paranoid features"

Excellent description of yourself, Ilana

Booligirl said...
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Booligirl said...
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Ilana Leeds said...

Oh thanks Shosh. New ID again have we? Up to our old tricks. I could say takes one to know one but I do know a bit about this disorder having researched with two psychologists no less and we all decided it was a load of bunkum. You like our soon to be lamented NOT crooked PM are filled with sleazy insinuations that cannot be proved and your made up allegations about me being a swartzzer lovin" pedophile who the principal of Nararanadera high school caught having a mass orgy with my year 12 students and who was supposed to have propositioned some female year 12 students in my Ancient History class and who invited students to my house for drinks is defamation of the first order.
For one, I did not teach year 12, 2) I am not gay and never have been and never will be 3) I am not a pub goer and a drinker and never have been. You R one very sick lady that you have to make up lies about people. You and the fundamentalist Christan principal would make a classic pair of idiots. By the way I gave my Ancient History class to another teacher simply because I felt that being pregnant I could not give them the tuition that they deserved at that time being distracted by my pregnancy. You are filth trying to dig up dirt on me. None of it will stand up in court because you would have to pay someone to lie and you would have to have some sort of proof. Photoshop ain't at good either and it can be proved so if you think you can put my head on some pro's body and try to say it is mine I'm gunna laugh you out of court and my lawyer would sitting pretty too. You must think I am so stupid.
Isn't it great that Blewitt didn't lose his cool despite Julia Gillard's mad rant about him. Watch this woman lose it some day soon. Bet she is glad that parliament is out soon. She is dealing with some pretty sleazy people and those who live by the sword die by the sword. Do we want that sort of person as a PM or should she confine herself to be an articled clerk again? I wonder.
Disgusting that this woman who does not marry does not have the decency to own up to her wrong doing. She will resign, just like she scuttled out of Slater and Gordon. Go look up Servere Borderline Personality Disorder and you Amy be the one with the label darling Shoshie. So nice of you to drop by with your acid dose. Come Again some time soon with another dose. Got an antidote for you.

Ilana Leeds said...

By the way I see you deleTed your other comments. Did they show you in spoor light Miss Lonely loony?

Booligirl said...

I am not Shoshana.

You seem to have confirmed the 'paranoid' diagnosis.

Details please, of the two psychologists you 'researched' with.

If the disorder is 'bunkum' why do you label other people with it?

Ilana Leeds said...

Well, Booligirl
Seeing as you think you know so much
Go research it a bit and you will find that for such a diagnosis to stand up realistically of the features of a Borderline Personalty Disorder a person has to exhibit consistently for a period of six months plus, at least two of the following,
1. Substance abuse, alcohol or drug abuse that significantly impacts on the day to day functioning of the person
2. Promiscuous sexual behaviour and risk taking that puts the individual and his or her partners at risk
3. Inability to form strong attachments with people and these people tend to be on the fringes of society and operate through the haze of substance abuse
4. Consistent feelings of emptiness
5. Suicidal behaviour
6. Consistent self harm is another feature of a personality disorder
7. Impulsive and erratic behaviour
8. Inability to function fully to complete work or study course

A person with a Severe Borderline Disorder is unable to consistently complete things, their house is probably quite a disarray and there are other aspects of it.
That is a very simplified overview but I hope you get the picture,. I would not have finished my courses of stydw and spent more of the eakinh,gourds bb

Ilana Leeds said...

Your denial that you are not Shoshanna just catches you out. I referred only to Shosh. Thus you are caught. Would I give you details of the people I saw to analyse the rubbish and the lies they wrote about me, the people like Dr Peter Snowdon who compromised their professional integrity to write lies, twisted half truths and in some parts complete utter nonsense in order to drive me to suicide thus fulfil the prophecy of a demented, narrow minded racist Christian principal who decided he would 'save' my son from this weird older woman who not only married a 'nigger or swartzer' but to his way of thinking should have had the child taken from her at it's birth because she was 'way too old to have a kid'? No I would not. It is none of your business and you will have to wait for my book if it ever gets published and if I get space to write it because I do need to deal with family issues. What would you do with such information. Go on another smear campaign. Frankly I feel sorry for you. I fought only for the truth to be heard and have no interest in defaming others. I will fight to expose the injustice that I suffered and am still suffering because my employment prospects have been greatly diminished by what these vindictive and demented people have done.
For your information although I have been through events and losses that would have driven lessor people to suicide, Hashem has been good to me and there is possibly a greater purpose in all this.
My psychologists both now and in the past are none of your business. What you going to do? Ring them up to discuss my case? You are funny. You are a joke honestly a real joke Booligirl. You and you many alias.