Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wasted a morning when I should have saved myself the trouble and gone to see my son's sports day


Wasted a morning going out to a school to be part of a tour. Took notes but after talking with the woman there, I came away feeling that I might as well do away with myself. At least I will write an article on it because it is worthwhile, but if it was up to the woman I spoke to about work, I would never be hired as a teacher again. I could read it in her body language, the veiled way she spoke to me and her suggestions to me which all screamed 'What is this idiot woman doing here and what does she want from me?? How did this woman get to be a teacher?'  I could see her thinking, 'I would not even hire this hag for a cleaner. She should go away and die somewhere quiet and not bother the rest of us.'
G-D only knows how we will get through the next months with no income other than centrelink.

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Ilana Leeds said...

I can imagine some of the very 'sweet gay' community who post hate comments on my blog will be so overjoyed at my financial plight. I can imagine people like Barnett and Sandra Nissan doing a Hamas wardance and if Micahel Barnett could he would love to lead a motorcade down Collins Street similar to the one held in Gaza and dragging my body and that of my son's with signs proclaiming 'THIS IS THE FUTURE OF OPPONENTS OF MARRIAGE EQUALITY'.
That is the level of violence that they project towards any opponent of marriage equality. Well better that than the compromise of my principles and my values.
If, as someone stated, 'You oppose marriage equality, then no more teaching jobs for you.' so BE it! I am in G-D's hands and I will get a job not in schools. I will have to work in TAE instead.