Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Xenophobia on public transport

It is interesting reading reports and watching the video clip of the xenophobic attack on a group of  young French women and then you read the hundreds of comments on the incident. Some people actually defend the vile behaviour of these three bogans on a Frankson bus. One of them is pushing a pram. Yikes, you think, this idiot is breeding and raising more of the same. Awful, simply awful. Mr Chief Foul Features himself is screaming 'endearments' to the women at the back of the bus and I thought to myself, watching his display of malevolent macho, please don't tell that he thinks he is a typical Australian. However, some people do and defend his actions and that of the two breeding bogans with the baby bogan-to-be in its pram. They say they do like peace and quiet on public transport. However much I or anyone likes peace and quiet, we do not have to become frothing at the mouth maniacs to get it.
They could have said: "excusez-moi, s'il vous plaît pourriez-vous chanter plus doucement. J'ai une gueule de bois et je suis susceptible de transformer en cochon sale gueule fracassant la fenêtre si vous contine à chanter en français."

Which simply translated means,'Excuse me, please could you sing more softly. I have hangover and I am liable to turn into a foul mouthed window smashing thug if you continue to sing in French.'

The Met must design a system of travel for people like these ones who cannot take a bit of culture with their public transport. I could suggest a cage trailer. It would be most attractive with cheaper economy fare structures, no need for air conditioning and a roof provided in winter and we could have loud speakers with Oi Oi Aussie Aussie Oi Oi between songs of Slim Dusty and Chad Morgan. I do want to suggest this song as an ode to our 'friend' the lover of French singers.

It's called The Sheik of Scrubby Creek for those unaware of the cultural cringe / divide among the less academically inclined of the outer burbs.

I wonder if this guy will ever show his face on public transport again. Maybe he will buy a car or a face mask. Grow a beard or a moustache? He could go to Paris for a week? Imagine the welcome he may receive at the airport in France at Charles De Gaulle airport. The French crowd could gather to serenade him with a few old favourites like Edith Piaf's

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