Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Following "Natural Urges" -Is that a Defence for Indulging in Perversions?

The other day I was shown an article by a chap called Rothwell in defence of same sex marriage and a letter by a Rabbi Ingram in the Australian Jewish News refuting some of the assertions made by this Rothwell about 'same sex relationships' and how it has to be considered 'natural' and we must accept it as such. We must move with the times - it is asserted by people like Rothwell. Sure, we can move with times. The good citizens of Ancient Rome did and so did the Greeks and Ancient Egyptians and perhaps even the present day Egyptions in some circles. Let me ask you where did it get them. To buggery and back literally. Their civilisations collapsed. Rome for instance, conquered many lands, enslaved the inhabitants, taxed the poor devils they conquered, took what women they wanted at will and in return, they paved roads and gave them systems of aqueducts to carry water into towns and other administration features that would make life easier for their soldiers - centurions and governors etc to administer the Empire.
Morally the Romans were trolls. They outdid the Greeks by far for licentiousness and promiscuity. Probably almost the equal of the Egyptians whose pharoahs married their sisters and I think there were cases of daughters mating with fathers as well as mothers and sons. Quite disgusting, but then they had a very different take on morality than most of us in the Western world. They believed that they were Gods and they were the ultimate power and made the rules. They could do what they liked and they were answerable to no one.
For those of us, those who believe in an ultimate Creator of the Universe who knows all things and for who all things are capable, we are constantly aware that we are not the masters of our own fate. Yes we have free will but we are finite, limited beings and therefore in that context we are aware of a higher being or energy of you like, that does have perfect and infinite knowledge and power and we accept to be guided in our lives in this existence by the rules and will of that being because we acknowledge the power, might and infinite ness of that being and it is all good. It is not G-D who is wrong for allowing evil, it is humans who follow their desires and wants, knowing full well it is not right or correct to do the things they do.
Now after that little diversion into history let's get back into the present day and contemporary society. We are on a downward slide if we allow same sex marriage. We take the abnormal and we normalise it. We force people through legislation to accept the perverse and deviant as 'normal'. HEY, wait a minute, didn't I hear about place that did that recently? Ah, yes, Sodom and Gemorah with the cities of the plain where Lot sojourned for a while until the angels came and forced him away from the place and G-D destroyed both the people and the place. because they were an abomination. Rabbi Ingram is no Lot. He is not seduced by the easy indolent life. He has it appears a very correct and courageous moral compass and he speaks out.
The letters attacking him for his views were what concerned me most. Not one of them could offer a competent and decent argument for same sex marriage. Rather it was personal attacks on the rabbi, religion and heterosexuals unable to accept homosexuals as 'normal' human beings. As far as the latter is concerned, most of us do accept homosexuals as human beings and what is objectionable for most of us is the fact that they are trying to thrust it in our faces that this sort of sexual behaviour is normal. I used to enjoy going to the movies. I don't go any more unless I careful vet the movie beforehand and I have made a conscious decision to walk out if I have to be confronted on a large screen by the sight of two men or two women with the tongues stuck in each others mouths or on top of each other simulating the act of copulation. I do not want to see a man and a woman doing the
same thing because of the level of intimacy involved, I think such things should be kept private between those involved.
Some of the letters supporting same sex marriage, one in particular stated, 'we need to be allowed to follow our natural desires.' There is a strange irony in that statement apart from the fact that we live in a society where we are hopefully above the instinctive behaviour of animals. Humans are highly evolved beings and have potential for greatness in all areas if we subjugate our 'instinctive' or natural desires if you like to serve G-D, society and in turn it will serve us because it will be for the greater benefit of us all.
We all have natural desires and urges, but hopefully they are regulated appropriately. With the incidence of child abuse, pedophilia, sexual perversions and abuse that is now more frequently brought to our attention through the media, one's awareness of the perverseness of humans is increased as twelve year olds who watch the news are probably aware of things that I do not want to even contemplate.

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