Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Letters of Obamination


A child writes a letter to an outgoing President (do the Americans really need to be punished that much to have BO re-elected??) one would hope not. All my respect for Bobby Zimmerman has gone out with the wind too. The fact is that this moral campaigner and poet of the 60s stands alongside Obamination who is one of the reasons for the continuing decline in social standards, ethics and American morality makes me wonder if Bobby Dylan smoked too much Marijuana and dropped to much LSD in his earlier years and it has all caught up with him and addled his brain in his latter years.
Anyway here is the link to the letter.

This poor kid writes to the President because she is upset that the kids at school find
her family situation unsettling and weird. The blame is put onto the kids and it is 
called 'bullying'. So a group of kids from mainstream families are made to feel that 
they are in the wrong to protect the sensitivities of. These two men who cannot 
control their 'natural' desires for the members of the same sex. Something is very wrong
here. I am guessing little ten year old girl had help writing this letter after being suitably
brain washed with the 'right perspectives' by her two 'daddies'. That is gross and when she is a 
teenager, who is going to be her moral guardian? Oh, yes, you guessed correctly. Two daddies! How sweet. 
Where is the female role model in this kids' life or is it going to be two perverse human beings who just 
follow their 'natural desires' without any thought for a moral compass whatsoever? If we all just follow our natural desires
who knows where it can lead. 
I felt like weeping for this poor little girl. Her perspectives and outlook on life has been upturned 
by two individuals who have put their desires and wants before that of a child. They want children, let them
go and be normal and marry a woman and have children with her. SLAP SLAP TO THE SIDE OF THE HEAD.
Silly me, I forgot that people who follow their 'NATURAL' desires don't have the maturity of 
intellectual development or moral foresight to be in a relationship with a member of the opposite sex.
G-D help us! Obama certainly won't.

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