Saturday, November 10, 2012

Taking down my blog - being selective in my posts

I have decided that my blog is too public and have decided to post only about less personal topics. I have erased some posts and am going to set myself a personal Schedule of topics that I need to deal with. Busy researching at present two essay topics Marriage and Older Professionals in the Workplace for something as well as finishing off some poems. I really need to do some more workshops and in services to update my professional knowledge.
I actually love learning and am keen to learn new things, but not everyone is like me. Some professionals are very comfortable once they have finished their qualifications just stagnating. It is important to move with the times and remain youthful in outlook without compromising your intrinsic values.
Gut Voch and a good week.

Some great shiurim this Shabbat on Chai Sarah. Rabbi Jim Kennard and Ella Wilhelmin. Then there was a great shiur by the guy from JNF. I actually should not call it a great shiur on the situation in Israel. It was actually quite scary how Jewish inaction and the left wing have got us into this situation where one million dunum have been taken over by Arabs who have built illegally but they are supported by the Israeli Supreme Court. Scary.

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