Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Age - the bias towards the ALP goes so far as to become less than ethical..

Media is biased and while it can represent either side of the political spectrum through objective presentation of facts, it is often not the case. More often than not, journalists choose to present an event or a person's actions in a particular light that ignores glaring discrepancies in the story if they are favourably disposed towards a particular political view or platform. themselves.  Take the article by Lenore Taylor for example, in The Age. Taylor steers her readers to belittle Opposition Deputy Julie Bishop's interogation of Julia Gillard's alleged involvement in fraudulant slush funds setup by former associates Wilson and Blewitt. We know immediately whose horse Taylor is riding as she stridently proclaims in the title, 'Bishop bluster loses wind in an obvious absence of evidence.' She belittles Julie Bishop by calling her questioning 'bluster'. A good use of alliteration with the B of both Bishop and bluster and this is further reinforced by the use of an idiom 'loses wind' which rejects the validity of Julie Bishop's line of questioning to a sailboat in becalmed waters. Sort of saying in other words, Julie is making a storm in a teacup or a mountain out of a mole hill.
Lenore, who is paying you to write this? The Julia Gillard defence fund or are you defending her because she is just simply another woman who the men are trying to pull down from her perch? I wish it were so simple, but it is not.
Lenore, there is evidence and maybe more will come to light? Who knows? This is going to get very, very ugly and the public will probably see the public dismemberment of Julia Gillard's career. The disappearance of files from the WA archives is suspicious in and of itself. How do files disappear? I imagine it is quite easy if you are the party in power. But hopefully someone has copies and has put them away for a rainy day. I am sure they will be delivered to the right address and people one day. Files just do not disappear. Good and all as a liar, Ms Gillard is, but while she may say she was an unknowing accomplice in this fraud of some magnitude of the Australian workers (they do say the ALP represents the Australian workers, don't they? Or did I just dream that up?? I wonder.)
Let's have a look see at this article.

The picture of Julie Bishop is also hardly flattering. It makes her look like a wide eyed fanatic about to anounce a fatwa on Julia Gillard. Very cleverly slanted article with a shameless lack of substance. It says nothing really but wastes space defending a crippled and bleeding Prime Minister.
The only things obvious Lenore, is your lack of objectivity and journalistic integrity. No wonder they closed comments and you got so many.
The Gillard media support will eventually 'lose wind' to use your phrase, and if we are getting into idioms it will mean the opposition 'will gain ground' very happily towards the next elections where they will have a resounding victory and Labor will be out of power for a few good years licking their wounds and trying to work out what did go wrong. The problem with the Labor politicans is too many personalities and they clash rather than working as a team. Despite the differences of approach, the Liberals do know in most cases, when to pull their heads in if they have to come together for a bit of old fashioned team work. Labor tends to fight it out and make its fights very public. Bad news if you are a pollie. The independents like good ole Bob Katter are what keeps many in Parliament honest. He says what he thinks and he will go out on a limb to defend what he believes is right and slam what he thinks is wrong. However, if you are a party pollie, you have to think very carefully before you cross the floor and what you say.
The people put up front in a Prime Minister's office need to be above question. That used to be the case. Not so today. We start to look like a Nigerian Parliament where the biggest crooks have the highest office.
What will come of this affair that Julia was involved in in more ways than one? Let's wait and see. Those who want to protect the integrity of the PM's position are trying to spin the media a tale of innocence and naivity. The Co-alition are saying simply, 'Hey wait a minute, we are talking about a lawyer who is supposed to be doing her job here. This is gross incompetence at the very least. She did not do her job properly and she allowed $400,000 of Union Members funds to be siphoned away by a pair of crooks. There is the Craig Thompson affair. Another sleaze bag who uses Union funding to feather his own nest.
Not sorry Julia and your media hack Lenore, just how stupid do you think we all are??

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