Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mental Illness and prejudices

I have just listened to a very informative ABC program on mental illness.  http://mpegmedia.abc.net.au/rn/podcast/2012/11/aim_20121104.mp3

We should be aware that while some of us are 'different' in the way we function that is not an excuse 
to treat so differently that we exacerbate that difference in our minds and theirs. People are different and
some of us are more eccentric in behaviour and speech than the mainstream. That makes them 
unique individuals, nothing more, nothing less.
Differences can and should be valued. I am sure Van Gogh was different as was Einstein, Beethoven,
Mozart, Picasso and others. Too often the creative and the interesting people have suffered because they
do not fit the mainstream moulds. We need to look, understand and be inclusive of all sorts of people
so long as they do no harm to others and can contribute to the betterment of society even in small different ways.


cat. said...

yet you're homophobic?

Ilana Leeds said...

Oh so now being homophobic is now classified as a 'mental illness' is it?
Kids commit suicide for many reasons and many of them do so because of bullying not because they are gay. I would be looking at the suicide rates among indigenous kids which is far higher than that of so called 'gay' kids. Of course, a lot of confused kids do commit suicide and not because of smears against them as they struggle to come to terms with an 'unsympathetic heterosexual community or society' as many in the gay community would like to have us believe. It is because they are further confused and muddled by the so called gay and lesbian communities who have a vested interest in these people remaining gay.

Muttonlamb said...

Em, yes homophobia is a pathological condition. All of the peak psychological and psychiatric organisations agree on this point.

Ilana Leeds said...

Sure thing. Where did you get your psychiatry degree from? The Tim Tam biscuit factory on the packing line. Good one 99!

Simon666 said...

"Oh so now being homophobic is now classified as a 'mental illness' is it?"

Yes. That is how it has been classified for several years now.

Muttonlamb said...
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Muttonlamb said...

That's your argument? Well Ilana, I am saddened by your homophobia. I hope that you get better soon. xxx