Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The BBC Bias and the myth of de-development of the highly skilled and educated Gaza population

I have just been looking for news on Israel and the situation there and found the biggest load of crap, well written, but biased totally against Israel.
Here is the article and it is on the BBC site. No surprises there.

I have taken an extract out of it and analysed it to show how the bias of the writer is cleverly embedded through out the text and it is this sort of clearly clever misleading bias that we need to counter act in world media. It is not enough to say tehillim and daven, G-D helps those who help themselves and we must, MUST get the truth out there. Here goes. I have picked one of the worst but you can see there is much more.

Apart from talking about this non existent blockade here is what one of the oil sponsored scribes has to say about the reasons for the conflict.

"The blockade and the occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem have been cited by militants in Gaza as reasons for their continued attacks on Israel since the 2005 withdrawal. Despite carrying out scores of air strikes across Gaza, Israel has failed to halt rocket attacks. This led the Israeli military to launch of a major ground offensive in December 2008. Operation Cast Lead dealt a serious blow to the capability of Gaza's militant groups - and also destroyed much of the territory's civilian infrastructure - but they gradually recovered and rocket-fire resumed."

The 'reasons' for the rocket attacks have been cited by the 'militants in Gaza' as 'the blockade and occupation of West Bank and East Jerusalem. REALLY???????? since the 2005 withdrawal from Gaza. Of course, also let's conveniently forget about what was done to the infrastructure left by those families who withdrew from Gush Katif. Businesses and houses were all destroyed along with synagogues and other buildings in the town. And has there been a blockade or occupation of West Bank and East Jerusalem?? I thought they were talking about a blockade of Gaza which is also a Hamas generated myth.

Next we have some rather illogical sentence structure.
Despite carrying out scores of air strikes across Gaza, Israel has failed to halt rocket attacks. 
Let me rewrite that sentence for you.
Despite Israel carrying out scores of air strikes across Gaza, the Hamas rocket attacks have not halted.
Despite Israel's IDF carrying out scores of air strikes on militant terrorist launch sites in Gaza, they have been unsuccessful in halting the rocket attacks from these sites.
It is all in the language, isn't it and the way it is reported.

Operation Cast Lead was also attributed to destroying much of the territory's civilian infrastructure and the journalist very cleverly neglects to mention it is Gaza that he is referring to, so the reader could come away with a perception that the Israeli military entered the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza and went around wrecking houses.
Then he or she states,"they gradually recovered and rocket-fire resumed."  It is as though the writer is talking about the people and not the terrorists and by the way, these brave terrorists use schools, playgrounds, child care centers and other civilian areas to launch their rockets from.

I will end with one last little sentence of the numerous rather shocking untruths unveiled in this piece of utter journalistic crap, well written though it may be, and that is the real problem.

"For the last decade, the people of Gaza have suffered severe socio-economic hardship. Eighty per cent of the population is dependant on international assistance. Israel's blockade, which was tightened with Egypt's co-operation in 2007 to weaken Hamas after it came to power and to end rocket attacks, has resulted in what the UN describes as "the impoverishment and de-development of a highly-skilled and well-educated society"."

Let's look at this section:
Spelling first, I would have thought the BBC could hire someone who can at least spell 'dependent'. I, as an independent little blogger can get away with the odd typo and a bit of a ramble, because I am not being paid big buckaroos to write crap for a major News organisation, so I flip rambles off the top of my head without too much editing at times and it shows, I know. But if I sit down and write a structured piece, it has to be perfect. Checked and rechecked as I am a major anal retentive when it comes to some things and I am aware that I am a big butt ache for those who I taught and worked with. I demand perfection of myself and others in the writing area and my students used to thank me for it. They would leave after a year with me, writing commonsense articles and understanding how language is structured.
The UN must have only seen a small section of the community in Gaza. During my seven years in Israel, I taught some people from the Israeli military who used to be stationed in Gaza, English in private classes for the Israeli Foreign Ministry and they described the poverty and subjugation of the population there by their own people. Gaza has received billions and billions of $ in aid and what have they done with it??? Certainly not put it into Education or infrastructure for their civilian population who come second to the police forces and terrorist army built up there. Maybe their propaganda unit also receives some of the UN funding to falsify stories about Israeli brutality and it is typical Avoda Aravi. Flaws everywhere. They are even using pictures from the Syrian massacres that the BBC conveniently ignores. Too dangerous there as there is no IDF to attempt to check the excesses of the Terrorist cells.
The civilian population of Gaza has NEVER been well educated and highly skilled. Although, the lying and corruption of their leaders is high skilled and their education is basically in propaganda to discredit the good  and the prosperity that Israel has built in the region. If, and I say If Israel is ever destroyed, it will be a larger version of Gush Katif and become a waste land. Mark my words well, because the Arab nations have not one vision or plan for the future for Israel. They simply want the destruction of a small vibrant country whose people are innovative and hard working and who seek to do much good in making the world a better place for us all.
We should all pray for peace for the innocent and those who want nothing but to be able to come home of a night after work and have money in the bank to pay bills and to be at peace with one's little family or big if it is. Hashem should keep the soldiers safe and they should return home speedily in whole health with Hashem's help.
Israel's only help is G-D  in these times and in G-D we must trust and do more mitzvot and expose the lies that are spouted forth day after day by those who seek to discredit and destroy a brave nation of souls.

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