Thursday, November 29, 2012

Julia Gillard on the back foot as Tony Abbott raises serious allegations


Julia Gillard ends up looking like a naughty school girl caught out when Tony Abbott asks her to please explain events of 17 plus years ago.He is right of course, in that these events do raise serious doubts about her credibility and cunning. One she lacks and the other she has heaps of now she is fighting like a cornered rat.  She tries to use the office of Prime Minister to hide behind and blusters on, but how dare he question a Prime Minister and she is of course, pretty good at running smear campaigns herself, so she would know all about what smear campaigns are and are not. She talks about this being a movie rerun. Well if it is a movie, it is a bad one and it looks as if Tony Abbott and Julie Bishop are ultimately better screen writers than she is. She would like the movie to end with questions unanswered. Bishop and Abbott want answers as do the rest of us about what really went on. Trouble is Julia was in bed with one of the main players, Wilson and allowed her better judgement to be clouded. As a lawyer, you cannot afford to do so. You have to be a guardian of the law and your own morals. Abbott and Bishop are coming from a far higher moral ground and she knows that. That is why she is not answering their questions directly and sidestepping, but for how long? The wolves smell blood and they are circling. The fact that she left Slater and Gordon under a cloud before she was sacked is also quite damning. This is not the end of it.

The pro ALP media hacks like Michelle Grattan who I believe is in the last stages of 'deluded media dementia' because she seems to have lost her journalistic edge by insisting that this is old news dead and done, will not be able to save Gillard. She is a magnificent performer, that is true, but the Australia public want good ethical leadership and truth, one would hope. A woman who had showed such questionable judgement in her bed fellows, plus now denies having anything to do with shady dealings and uses her office to hide behind is not a worthy person to hold the highest office in the land. What is happening in society that we allow this sort of person just because of her gender to administer our country? To lead our country no less.
I say, if she had any moral turpitude she would resign and allow for an investigation to be held. She needs to be held responsible for the damage done to the Union Members. After all it was over $400,000 of members' money, the rank and file working class members of the AWU who were cheated. Don't the ALP have enough respect for their voters and supporters to at least give them the courtesy of justice?
Perhaps we should not go there. There would be uncomfortable answers to prickly questions in more ways than one.
Maybe she can take up writing her memoirs. She certainly spins a good yarn and makes it believeable. Julia that is. Michelle Grattan is old and tired and a deluded ALP hack. Where are the clear thinkers and the hard nosed journalists who will follow a story through.
This situation is complex but do not insult the general population by telling them, 'Now, now this is a very complex situation but it is all under control. It's been dealt with.' It has not. It is simply an ALP attempt to sweep the matter under the carpet. Well, sometimes we have to deal with the nasty to get to the truth. Lies don't get less with time. Sometimes they grow and fester.

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